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Scanning Services

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The Document Scanning provides scanning services for all types of paper documents, forms, films, photos, slides, and also large format documents and stores them in multiple image formats as possible. Complete reassembly of the documents is also done by secure document scanning services.

We are fully equipped to handle almost all of your scanning requirements.Scanning Services

Benefits of Scanning Services:

  • Reduces storage problems
  • Reduces retrieval costs
  • Preserves material securely
  • Easily searchable and quick retrieval
  • High quality and enhanced images
  • Quick and easy duplication
  • High resolution scanned images

Whether you require document scanning services or transferring your critical information to disk or even if you want them to be converted to .PDF format, the company employs a excess of document scanning techniques and world-class equipment to provide high resolution images of the smallest receipts to large maps.

Document Scanning

document scanning Document Scanning: Convert your documents to easily accessible electronic files.

Book Scanning

book scanning Book Scanning: Printed book scanned and converted to an eBook.

Bulk Document Scanning

scanning bulk documents Bulk Document Scanning: Quickly scan large numbers of paper files to digital.

Personal Document Scanning

scanning personal documents Personal Document Scanning: Organize personal records, keep them easily accessible anytime.

We Conduct Meticulous Document Preparation Before Scanning:

  • Document disassembly (removal of staples and overall binding of books etc)
  • Unfolding of total pages
  • Migration of small receipts and post-it notes
  • Correct ordering of pages and set up of the documents

Complete document indexing services are also provided to you for making it easy to find your scanned documents. OCR and manual keying is done as part of the indexing process.

We utilize existing databases to boost our accuracy and reduce the overall cost. In addition, we adhere to rule-based automated QC to check whether the scanned documents are accurate and consistent throughout or not. Full text indexes of scanned images are done with the help of OCR and ICR. PDF Files are also created from your scanned documents which might include image-only PDF files and some encrypted hidden text PDF files.

The Document Scanning also helps its clients in the preparation of documents and scanning services at their own facility. We do this for companies who have sensitive documents or which need to be accessed continually.

Contact us for more information about our secure documents scanning services and you can also send your requirements on [email protected]

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